About us

We are an brand new, innovative café situated in the heart of Scotland and we are here to make you feel better. 

We are focused on improving mental health of our community, helping those dealing with dementia and preserving local history.

Our mission is to be the difference between someone's last cup of coffee and the one that marks a new beginning.

The idea for our unique combination of branches came from our founder's personal story. 

Our Story

While going through a tough time, one of the founders or @talk decided to go on a walk through the Devilla forest. They tried phoning a variety of emerency mental health services, but it was not enough. They were lonely and needed face-to-face conversation, someone who would listen. Ultimately, a combination of a close friend's help and distraction through the rich history of the woodland itself helped pull them away from a negative mindset.

They didn't want anyone else to feel the same and that is when they came up with an idea for a café where people could come to feel better through a combination of socialising and immersing themselves in history.

The hard time also taught them to appreciate the past as it shaped the world we live in today. That is why today we are passionate about preserving local stories and preventing them being forgotten.