Whether you are in the mood for a cup of delicious coffee, want to learn something new, or simply need a chat, we have something for you!

Let our system of colour-coded tables guide you towards your interest. If you would like to talk about mental health, red tables are there for you. If you want to learn more about town history, we recommend the blue tables, and if you want to learn more about local family history and dementia, feel free to use the green tables. 



Here @talk our primary objective is improving your mental health and wellbeing.


Instant face-to-face help for mental issues is not widely available in the UK and people are put on growing waiting lists every day. However, we want to change this by providing instant help for when you need it. We are here to make you feel heard, cared for and understood.


Our dedicated team of professionals and volunteers is trained to help treat emergency mental health issues and comfort you. We want to make sure you feel comfortable, safe, and better than you did before you walked in. 

So whether you are feeling down, lonely or have an issue you want to talk about in private, we are here to listen.


Here @talk we are also dedicated storytellers.  Everything from the wood used in our tables to the building itself has a story. 

Come in and share your photographs, stories and artefacts with us and we will store them in our online archive to make them available for all our customers so everyone can learn something more about their town. 


We want to know your story, help you preserve it for future generations and spread knowledge. We want everyone to appreciate the present by learning about how it was shaped by our past.

We offer a wide range of information about Perth's history for the curious. All our information is available in the form of photographic prints within the café and also stored in a permanent online database accessible through scanning our QR codes located on each table.

We also offer our own gadgets  in case you do not own one yourself, so the information is available for everyone.


So come on in and learn something new today or share your story with the world!


An important part of preserving history is also not letting your stories get forgotten. This is why we are here to help individuals dealing with dementia remember theirs.

Dementia care is a link between mental health and history. By preserving memories, we are preserving stories and with them our history.


We want to be a memory box for those who may not remember their own histories by providing a space where they can come and remember. We also want to help their families as well as raise funds and organise events with local care homes.


We also offer special family tables where you can put down your family story for others to admire and remember you.